Virtuoso Voyages

The best things in life are free, and the best experiences, shared.

For more than 20 years the Virtuoso Voyages program has offered complimentary benefits to guests sailing onboard the world's finest ships. This unique program offers exclusive amenities that are only available through us, your Virtuoso Travel Advisor. 

Welcome Aboard Reception 

Onboard your cruise you'll be invited to attend a private cocktail reception, planned exclusively for you and your fellow Virtuoso Voyages participants. Your onboard host attends to every detail, and will make introductions. As everyone begins to get to know one another, you'll feel an easy camaraderie developing.

Exclusive Virtuoso Amenities

Along with an onboard host and the Welcome Aboard Reception, you'll have the choice of one of the following Virtuoso Amenities - an exclusive shore excursion (available on most departures), an onboard spending credit or a custom credit toward any Virtuoso product. On select cruises, you may also have the choice of a private car and driver.

  1. Exclusive Shore Excursion
    With our worldwide contacts, Virtuoso plans unique shore events especially for Virtuoso Voyages guests. Whether immersing yourself in the local culture, or enjoying VIP access to closed-to-the-public venues and experiences, your shore event will likely be the highlight of your sailing. Ask us for complete details about these experiences.

  2. Onboard Spending Credit or Virtuoso Custom Credit
    If you'd rather not participate in the shore excursion or if one isn't offered on your cruise, you'll have a choice between an onboard spending credit or a custom credit toward the purchase of any Virtuoso exclusive product.  NOTE: Credit amounts vary based on stateroom category selected.

  3. Private Car and Driver
    On certain sailings, explore a selected city at your leisure during a sightseeing tour via private car. Plan out your personalized itinerary beforehand or customize it with the help of your knowledgeable driver. It will be a day you're sure to remember.

When offered, onboard value credit amount and preferred product credit amount vary based on category of stateroom and may not be available in all categories.  All Virtuoso events ashore are capacity controlled and require a minimum number of participants to operate. The Virtuoso Voyages event has no cash value, cannot be redeemed or refunded for cash. Credit will not be issued for unused services. Virtuoso amenities are subject to change without notice.

AlaskaShipDateFare FromSavings
10-Nights Roundtrip from Vancouver Cruise  Azamara QuestJul 2, 2019$2,999$2,400
8-Nights from Vancouver to Seward Cruise  Azamara QuestJul 30, 2019$1,899$2,400
10-Nights from Seward to Vancouver Cruise Azamara QuestAug 17, 2019$3,199$400
AsiaShipDateFare FromSavings
10-Nights Roundtrip from Singapore Cruise  Azamara QuestNov 26, 2018$2,449$2,400
14-Nights from Cairns to Singapore Cruise  Azamara QuestMar 8, 2019$2,799$2,400
16-Nights from Singapore to Tokyo Cruise  Azamara QuestMar 29, 2019$5,599$2,400
7-Nights Roundtrip from Dubai Cruise Azamara QuestOct 31, 2018$2,569$400
19-Nights from Dubai to Singapore Cruise Azamara QuestNov 7, 2018$5,289$400
16-Nights from Tokyo to Hong Kong Cruise Azamara QuestSep 18, 2019$4,499$400
12-Nights Roundtrip from Singapore Cruise Azamara QuestOct 31, 2019$3,499$400
Australia-New ZealandShipDateFare FromSavings
16-Nights from Melbourne to Auckland Cruise  Azamara QuestJan 6, 2019$3,699$2,400
16-Nights from Auckland to Sydney Cruise  Azamara QuestJan 22, 2019$3,999$2,400
14-Nights from Sydney to Auckland Cruise  Azamara QuestFeb 7, 2019$3,399$2,400
CaribbeanShipDateFare FromSavings
10-Nights Roundtrip from Miami Cruise  Azamara JourneyNov 24, 2018$3,399$2,300
10-Nights Roundtrip from Miami Cruise  Azamara JourneyDec 11, 2018$2,799$2,350
10-Nights Roundtrip from Miami Cruise  Azamara JourneyMar 1, 2019$2,299$2,400
6-Nights Roundtrip from Miami Cruise  Azamara JourneyMar 15, 2019$1,599$2,400
16-Nights from Miami to New York Cruise  Azamara JourneyMar 25, 2019$2,999$2,400
14-Nights Roundtrip from Miami Cruise Azamara JourneyNov 26, 2019$3,399$400
EuropeShipDateFare FromSavings
7-Nights Roundtrip from Venice Cruise Azamara QuestAug 19, 2018$2,699$400
8-Nights from Lisbon to Barcelona Cruise  Azamara JourneySep 21, 2018$2,599$400
8-Nights Roundtrip from Venice Cruise  Azamara QuestSep 21, 2018$4,299$400
9-Nights from Rome to Barcelona Cruise  Azamara JourneyOct 6, 2018$2,199$400
10-Nights from Venice to Athens Cruise  Azamara PursuitOct 10, 2018$4,099$400
8-Nights from Barcelona to Lisbon Cruise  Azamara JourneyOct 15, 2018$2,599$400
7-Nights from Barcelona to Monte-Carlo Cruise  Azamara PursuitApr 13, 2019$1,999$2,400
9-Nights from Venice to Athens Cruise  Azamara PursuitMay 5, 2019$2,899$2,400
7-Nights from Barcelona to Rome Cruise  Azamara JourneyMay 11, 2019$2,399$2,400
10-Nights from Rome to Barcelona Cruise  Azamara JourneyMay 18, 2019$5,099$2,400
14-Nights from Barcelona to London Cruise  Azamara JourneyMay 28, 2019$5,199$2,400
10-Nights from Rome to Venice Cruise  Azamara PursuitMay 28, 2019$3,099$2,400
9-Nights from Stockholm to Oslo Cruise  Azamara JourneyJun 22, 2019$3,299$2,400
7-Nights from Barcelona to Rome Cruise  Azamara PursuitJul 27, 2019$2,699$2,400
12-Nights from Southampton to Stockholm Cruise  Azamara JourneyJul 29, 2019$4,399$2,400
11-Nights from Venice to Athens Cruise  Azamara PursuitAug 13, 2019$4,399$2,400
11-Nights Roundtrip from Athens Cruise  Azamara PursuitSep 4, 2019$3,399$2,400
9-Nights from Lisbon to Barcelona Cruise  Azamara JourneySep 5, 2019$3,499$2,400
7-Nights from Barcelona to Monte-Carlo Cruise  Azamara JourneySep 14, 2019$2,899$2,400
7-Nights from Venice to Rome Cruise  Azamara PursuitSep 28, 2019$2,799$2,400
7-Nights from Monte-Carlo to Barcelona Cruise  Azamara PursuitOct 12, 2019$2,299$2,400
9-Nights from Rome to Barcelona Cruise  Azamara PursuitOct 26, 2019$2,499$2,400
7-Nights from Athens to Rome Cruise  Azamara JourneyOct 27, 2019$2,199$2,400
7-Nights from Rome to Barcelona Cruise  Azamara JourneyNov 3, 2019$2,199$2,400
11-Nights from Copenhagen to London Cruise Azamara JourneyAug 30, 2018$9,139$400
8-Nights from Barcelona to Rome Cruise Azamara QuestSep 5, 2018$9,099$400
8-Nights from Rome to Venice Cruise Azamara QuestSep 13, 2018$3,899$400
7-Nights Roundtrip from Athens Cruise Azamara PursuitSep 22, 2018$3,699$400
7-Nights from Barcelona to Rome Cruise Azamara JourneySep 29, 2018$2,499$400
7-Nights Roundtrip from Venice Cruise Azamara QuestSep 29, 2018$2,699$400
8-Nights from Athens to Rome Cruise Azamara PursuitOct 20, 2018$2,099$400
7-Nights from Stockholm to Copenhagen Cruise Azamara JourneyAug 10, 2019$4,899$400
Panama CanalShipDateFare FromSavings
9-Nights Roundtrip from Miami Cruise  Azamara JourneyJan 24, 2019 - Feb 20, 2019$3,149$350
South AmericaShipDateFare FromSavings
11-Nights from Miami to Lima Cruise  Azamara PursuitNov 20, 2018$2,099$2,400
16-Nights from Buenos Aires to San Antonio - chile Cruise  Azamara PursuitJan 23, 2019$3,049$2,400
16-Nights from San Antonio - chile to Buenos Aires Cruise  Azamara PursuitFeb 8, 2019$3,049$2,400
16-Night South America / Machu Picchu Land & Sea Package Azamara PursuitNov 20, 2018$6,199$400
TransatlanticShipDateFare FromSavings
14-Nights from Lisbon to Miami Cruise Azamara JourneyOct 23, 2018$4,169$300
Fares are per person in US dollars, based on double occupancy. Savings, Onboard Credits and other amenity values are quoted per stateroom/suite. All prices, discounts and special offers are capacity controlled and subject to change without notice. Not all special offers available in all categories and sailings. Availability and pricing is not guaranteed until booking and deposit received.