Azamara Onward

Explore the World in Small Ship Luxury

Step aboard the new Azamara Onward, and arrive at the doorstep of the globes most hidden gems and storied cities. Like her sister ships - Azamara Journey, Azamara Pursuit, and Azamara Quest - Azamara Onward is built to cross oceans, cruise along scenic waterways and dock at locations larger ships cant access - offering a small ship cruising experience unlike any other.

Throughout your journey, youll find many ways to immerse yourself in your travels. Thoughtfully-planned itineraries feature more extended stays, more overnights, and unique night touring, giving you more time for what matters - experiencing the history, arts, cuisine, and local customs that make each port memorable.

After a day spent discovering the treasures of your destination, retreat to your seaside sanctuary for ocean views, saltwater breezes, and all the lush amenities you can imagine. From 24-hour room service to five-star butler service, Azamara Onward's luxury staterooms and spacious suites deliver genuine tranquility and comfort.

Discover a world of flavors at the specialty restaurants, recharge and relax at the state-of-the-art spa and fitness center, and take in nightly on-board entertainment, from signature shows, comedy nights, and unforgettable events.

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CruisesShipDate Sort by SaildateFare FromSavings
11-Nights Roundtrip from Miami CruiseAzamara OnwardDec 1, 2022$4,999
7-Nights from Barcelona to Monte-Carlo Cruise  Azamara OnwardApr 15, 2023$1,799$6,200
7-Nights Roundtrip from Venice Cruise  Azamara OnwardMay 6, 2023$1,849$6,350
10-Nights Roundtrip from Athens Cruise  Azamara OnwardMay 24, 2023$3,499$6,200
10-Nights from Rome to Barcelona Cruise  Azamara OnwardJun 28, 2023$2,849$6,350
12-Nights from Barcelona to Venice Cruise  Azamara OnwardJul 8, 2023$3,499$6,200
11-Nights from Istanbul to Athens Cruise  Azamara OnwardJul 31, 2023$2,999$6,350
8-Nights from Venice to Athens Cruise  Azamara OnwardSep 10, 2023$2,799$6,200
10-Nights from Venice to Istanbul Cruise  Azamara OnwardOct 4, 2023$3,099$6,350
11-Nights from Miami to Canary Islands Cruise Azamara OnwardFeb 28, 2023$1,299$3,000
7-Nights Roundtrip from Canary Islands Cruise Azamara OnwardMar 11, 2023 & Mar 18, 2023$1,499$3,000
10-Nights from Canary Islands to Lisbon Cruise Azamara OnwardMar 25, 2023$2,199$6,000
11-Nights from Lisbon to Barcelona Cruise Azamara OnwardApr 4, 2023$2,999$6,000
7-Nights from Monte-Carlo to Rome Cruise Azamara OnwardApr 22, 2023$1,699$6,000
7-Nights from Rome to Venice Cruise Azamara OnwardApr 29, 2023$1,799$3,000
11-Nights from Venice to Athens Cruise Azamara OnwardMay 13, 2023$4,099$6,000
7-Nights from Athens to Venice Cruise Azamara OnwardJun 3, 2023$1,899$6,000
7-Nights Roundtrip from Venice Cruise Azamara OnwardJun 10, 2023$2,199$3,000
11-Nights from Venice to Rome Cruise Azamara OnwardJun 17, 2023$3,299$6,000
11-Nights from Venice to Istanbul Cruise Azamara OnwardJul 20, 2023$3,099$3,000
11-Nights from Athens to Venice Cruise Azamara OnwardAug 11, 2023$3,699$3,000
12-Nights from Venice to Rome Cruise Azamara OnwardAug 22, 2023$3,999$6,000
9-Nights from Athens to Rome Cruise Azamara OnwardSep 18, 2023$3,199$6,000
7-Nights from Rome to Venice Cruise Azamara OnwardSep 27, 2023$2,299$6,000
12-Nights from Lisbon to Fort Lauderdale Cruise Azamara OnwardNov 18, 2023$1,839$3,000
12-Nights Roundtrip from Fort Lauderdale Cruise Azamara OnwardNov 30, 2023$2,239$3,000
10-Nights Roundtrip from Fort Lauderdale Cruise Azamara OnwardDec 12, 2023$1,759$3,000
14-Nights Roundtrip from Fort Lauderdale Cruise Azamara OnwardDec 22, 2023$3,279$3,000
14-Nights Roundtrip from Miami CruiseAzamara OnwardDec 22, 2022$3,599
12-Nights Roundtrip from Miami CruiseAzamara OnwardJan 5, 2023$7,799
10-Nights Roundtrip from Miami CruiseAzamara OnwardDec 12, 2022 & Jan 17, 2023$1,699
16-Nights from Miami to Lima CruiseAzamara OnwardJan 27, 2023$3,599
16-Nights from Lima to Miami CruiseAzamara OnwardFeb 12, 2023$3,299
7-Nights from Rome to Venice CruiseAzamara OnwardSep 3, 2023$2,299
8-Nights Roundtrip from Istanbul CruiseAzamara OnwardOct 14, 2023$3,299
11-Nights from Rome to Lisbon CruiseAzamara OnwardNov 7, 2023$2,899
13-Nights from Fort Lauderdale to Lima CruiseAzamara OnwardJan 5, 2024$3,199
16-Nights from Lima to Papeete CruiseAzamara OnwardJan 18, 2024$4,079
11-Nights from Papeete to Auckland CruiseAzamara OnwardFeb 3, 2024$3,999
15-Nights from Auckland to Sydney CruiseAzamara OnwardFeb 15, 2024$3,839
21-Nights from Sydney to Hong Kong CruiseAzamara OnwardMar 1, 2024$5,199
15-Nights from Hong Kong to Singapore CruiseAzamara OnwardMar 22, 2024$3,519
20-Nights from Singapore to Dubai CruiseAzamara OnwardApr 6, 2024$4,319
21-Nights from Dubai to Istanbul CruiseAzamara OnwardApr 26, 2024$5,359
13-Nights from Istanbul to Venice CruiseAzamara OnwardMay 17, 2024$3,919
10-Nights from Venice to Barcelona CruiseAzamara OnwardMay 30, 2024$2,879
11-Nights from Barcelona to Southampton CruiseAzamara OnwardJun 9, 2024$3,039
11-Nights from Southampton to Dublin CruiseAzamara OnwardJun 20, 2024$3,439
12-Nights from Dublin to Oslo CruiseAzamara OnwardJul 1, 2024$3,759
17-Nights from Oslo to Copenhagen CruiseAzamara OnwardJul 13, 2024$6,079
12-Nights Roundtrip from Copenhagen CruiseAzamara OnwardJul 30, 2024$3,759
11-Nights from Copenhagen to Stockholm CruiseAzamara OnwardAug 11, 2024$3,359
12-Nights from Stockholm to Southampton CruiseAzamara OnwardAug 22, 2024$3,759
10-Nights from Southampton to Bordeaux CruiseAzamara OnwardSep 3, 2024$2,879
13-Nights from Bordeaux to Barcelona CruiseAzamara OnwardSep 13, 2024$4,159
4-Nights Roundtrip from Barcelona CruiseAzamara OnwardSep 26, 2024$879
7-Nights from Barcelona to Monte-Carlo CruiseAzamara OnwardSep 30, 2024$1,439
11-Nights from Monte-Carlo to Rome CruiseAzamara OnwardOct 7, 2024$2,879
9-Nights from Rome to Barcelona CruiseAzamara OnwardOct 18, 2024$2,079
10-Nights from Barcelona to Lisbon CruiseAzamara OnwardOct 27, 2024$2,479
12-Nights from Lisbon to Miami CruiseAzamara OnwardNov 13, 2024$1,439
14-Nights Roundtrip from Miami CruiseAzamara OnwardNov 25, 2024$2,559
11-Nights Roundtrip from Miami CruiseAzamara OnwardDec 9, 2024$1,919
17-Nights from Miami to San Diego CruiseAzamara OnwardDec 20, 2024$5,119
18-Nights from San Diego to Papeete CruiseAzamara OnwardJan 6, 2025$5,439
14-Nights from Papeete to Auckland CruiseAzamara OnwardJan 24, 2025$4,319
12-Nights from Auckland to Sydney CruiseAzamara OnwardFeb 8, 2025$3,359
22-Nights from Sydney to Singapore CruiseAzamara OnwardFeb 20, 2025$5,919
20-Nights from Singapore to Bangkok CruiseAzamara OnwardMar 14, 2025$4,639
17-Nights from Bangkok to Mumbai CruiseAzamara OnwardApr 3, 2025$3,679
18-Nights from Mumbai to Athens CruiseAzamara OnwardApr 20, 2025$4,559
14-Nights from Athens to Rome CruiseAzamara OnwardMay 8, 2025$3,919
10-Nights from Rome to Lisbon CruiseAzamara OnwardMay 22, 2025$2,879
10-Nights from Lisbon to Southampton CruiseAzamara OnwardJun 1, 2025$2,879
Fares are per person in US dollars, based on double occupancy. Savings, Onboard Credits and other amenity values are quoted per stateroom/suite. All prices, discounts and special offers are capacity controlled and subject to change without notice. Not all special offers available in all categories and sailings. Availability and pricing is not guaranteed until booking and deposit received.